Breaking news: Skipping breakfast does not affect your weight 1

Breaking news: Skipping breakfast does not affect your weight

For a long time we heard that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. If you skipped breakfast then that was guaranteed to be the cause of getting heavier. But is this correct? As the title says: NO

No bite through your throat in the morning

Are you also someone who can’t get a bite through his throat in the morning?
Do you recognize this: First, wake up well, two cups of coffee and then there is a sense of a sandwich. We have noticed that many people suffer from this. Breakfast against your will is not a good start to the day. We therefore advise you not to do that. Take your breakfast at the time that you can find peace and that you like it. And that is also possible at school during your 1st break or at work when you have consumed your first cup of coffee.

Will my metabolism start well?

Whether or not your metabolism starts properly. This is not an issue at all for your final energy balance. Losing weight and gaining weight is about what you eat and what you consume.
However, there are of course disadvantages if you do not have breakfast and immediately have an active exercise pattern or if you have to concentrate well. Then it can be tricky. Your blood sugar may be too low, so exercise and concentration will not go so well. So keep in mind what your daily schedule looks like.

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