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Are you open to change?
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Are you OPEN
to change?

Without having to change your eating pattern
still eat good food and lose weight


Eat Less?
Change your lifestyle!

Our programs
teach you how to eat.

  • Lose weight in 12 weeks

    Sustainably healthier and slimmer in life? That is possible with WELLSUPPORT. A unique program with personal attention. We help you!
  • Slimmingprogram’s costly?

    That just depends on how you look at it. WELLSUPPORT has a suitable program for every individual. Also for your budget.
  • Slimming without a diet!

    Without drastically changing your diet, it is also possible for you to reach your goal weight. Stop dieting, start losing weight.


Losing weight in the menopause

Professional coaching. Now temporarily from € 199 for € 99

The cause of weight gain during menopause is a complex matter. Only with tips and tricks, slimming tea, eating less and exercise, you will not reach your target weight. Let yourself be guided by a recognized Weight Consultant and follow an individual coaching trajectory.

Use the discount code OVERGANG and claim your discount.


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Want to lose weight quickly and easily?

Unfortunately that does not exist, but…

getting to your target weight and staying sustainable is more than worth it. Do you already have that image before you, walking through life with more self-confidence and energy? We can say something about the opportunities and costs in your situation.

Take the SLIMMING TEST and we will come up with a well-founded proposal.


Are you looking for a permanent solution in the pursuit of your ideal weight?

Are you not satisfied with your body weight? Do you wonder what the secret is of those slender people who can eat anything? Then stop dieting and sign up for our program. Stop all those methods that don’t work, and get to know WellSupport’s effective coaching techniques that focus on science and personal attention.

Why does the Wellsupport Health Plan work?

You have probably already understood that a sustainable, healthy weight will not be achieved, with powders, pills, slimming tea, every week at the gym or with diets. What works then? Programs with the right components, collaboration with the right partners and personal attention.

  • Evidence Based Programs

    We only use those methods that have been scientifically tested.

  • Insurer contributes

    Our programs are recognized by various insurers

  • Proper educations

    We are trained to address your problems in a focused way.

  • Behavioral therapy

    How aware are you of your snacks? You gain insight into your behavior.

  • Modern Methods

    We use effective online and offline methods.

  • 24/7 Coaching

    We will never lose sight of you. Feel coached 24/7 with the free app.

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AFTER SUMMERDEAL! Intake and Nutritional advice: € 25,--SIGN UP

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Wellsupport Health Plan

You are worth it!

The Wellsupport Health Plan, is a small-scale concept, where you work on a healthy lifestyle under the personal guidance of professionals.

Personal guidance based on 3 pillars.

Exercise program (Not necessarily sports) 100%
Nutrition education 100%
Lifestylecoaching 100%

Your own Personal Trainer, expensive?DETERMINE YOUR RATE

How does this work?

Free Intake

After the free intake, we will make an inventory of what you encounter in the pursuit of your target weight.

Compiling program

We will put together the ideal program for your situation. An educational program that suits you.

The execution

You will be guided with every step. Without drastically changing your current habits, we condition you in your new habits.

What are the costs?YOUR RATE