“I even get fat from water …”

Do you have that idea? That water makes you fat already? You only have to eat a little too much or have only taken a small piece of chocolate extra and damn it is another kilo extra …

How it really works

Unfortunately, that is not the whole truth. We eat every day just like breathing, cycling to work or school, showering, etc. A lot of what we do is automatic. That is simply arranged with our brain. Everything we repeat goes on the machine so that your brain does not have to register everything again. Only when you apply a disruption of your automatic behavior, a so-called disruption, to your automatic behavior does it become aware of this behavior again.


You take the same route to work every day. You get a different job. So you have to go to a different address. There is a good chance that you will tend to drive to your older work during the first few days.
You think the table for dinner and you take the cutlery from the cutlery drawer. You are going to place the cutlery in a different place. The first time you will open the old drawer to get the cutlery. Oops, oh yes, another place.

That is also the case with your eating behavior. Your eating behavior is in your automatic pilot. What you eat and the amount. To make this aware we help you to fit in a disturbance.

Energy balance as a basis

Everybody is different. Some people have a faster metabolism or have less tendency to arrive or eat only at those times that you see it.
The energy balance is always the basis for gaining and losing weight. If you eat more than you need in energy, then you arrive, if you eat less than you need in energy, you lose weight. That this is a personal story is certain. That is why personal guidance is the outcome to get a grip on this.


dik worden van water

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