Lose Weight in Menopause. Individual online program counseling


If you are in menopause, you can get all kinds of complaints. Your hormones bounce in all directions and your body weight often increases; with a bit of bad luck the kilos will fly. Slimming tea and diets often only help. Choose the guidance of a recognized BGN Weight Consultant with experience in menopausal complaints.


Slimming in the menopause

It is true that you gain weight faster and lose weight more difficult during the menopause. As annoying as it may be, your body can’t really do anything about it. In fact, it is an attempt by your body to get through this period as best as possible. As the menopause sets in, your ovaries produce less and less estrogen hormones. This has an impact on your body, because estrogens are actually indispensable. These hormones play a key role in many physical and mental processes. This causes menopausal complaints.

Oops my waist is gone!

During the menopause, the hormone estrogen in your body will decrease. This makes the hormone testosterone more present in proportion. This hormone promotes fat storage around the organs. That’s one of the reasons your waistline is getting smaller. At least if you keep eating the same thing and no longer move. In menopause you, like everyone who gets older, need less energy to maintain the same body weight. If you do not change, you will definitely gain weight, so there is a good chance that this weight will collect around your waist.

Yes, slimming in the menopause is possible!

How do you keep those effects of the transition under control?
Obviously, all diets only work for a short time, but certainly not in the medium term, and they are also unhealthy. Just like all other pills and powders that are widely available. The secret sees him in individual coaching. After all, your behavior largely determines what you eat and drink. This is why it is important to map out your personal circumstances.

What does the package include:

  • 5 online one on one sessions
  • A personal plan of action
  • A workbook with personal assignments that can be used in your life
  • Personal exercises and assignments to get more out of life
  • Tips that help you maintain your new lifestyle patterns
  • A personal backup plan to deal with pitfalls and setbacks

Do not delay, but start today with individual online program counseling that helps you to reach and stay at your target weight.

Treat yourself to a certified BGN Weight Consultant, who will talk to you and overcome individual obstacles.

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