afslanken Amsterdam

Slimming Amsterdam and all surrounding places can be helped by us. Have you already tried various diets but perseverance is a problem? Then we can help you with a plan to finally keep your weight.

All diets work

It is known that all diets work. You are going to eat differently for a period. That always has an effect. Your body will react immediately if, for example, you suddenly stop eating bread or start to work with smaller sized portions. In the beginning all of that is still possible, but over time the motivation creeps in. The changes are often too large.

The biggest problem with following a diet is perseverance. Especially if you have to change a lot and often have to leave a lot behind.

Nearly half of the Amsterdammers are too fat

The media is full of it. Amsterdammers are too fat. Overweight is most common among men. However, women are more dissatisfied with their weight. 4 out of 10 women is not happy with her weight. Men, even if they are overweight, are more satisfied with their weight. That is why more women are looking for a suitable diet than men. Overweight is also becoming more common among children.

Slimming Amsterdam for a personal plan

Everybody is different. That means that a plan to lose weight is a personal plan. That is why we pay a lot of attention to the intake. We would like to get to know you so we know what is best for you.

We help with weight loss in Amsterdam

If you live in Amsterdam or the surrounding area, you can come to us for the right plan of approach. Not only Amsterdam but also all surrounding places are easily accessible for our company. There is ample parking and there is the possibility to park 1.5 hours free in the nearby area. That is handy in Amsterdam’s expensive parking policy.

Complete the application form today and we will contact you as soon as possible.